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Ballroom Dance Practice Etiquette & Fashion...

September 23, 2015

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful expression of body movement to gorgeous music.  As dancers we strive to always look our very best and portray proper behavior, manners, and etiquette not only to ourselves and our dance partners but also to our fellow surrounding dancers.  Historically, ballroom dancing was a pastime only dedicated and practiced by the elite and aristocrats of high society.  Gentlemen and ladies would dress in their most elegant attire to portray a class of elegance and sophistication.  Through the course of many years ballroom dance practice fashion has witnessed dramatic changes to represent and encourage each era’s ballroom dancing mood and flavor.   However, despite such changes in fashion a dancer’s etiquette should always remain the same.... Continue Reading →

We are growing!!

June 14, 2015

Now with over 100 dresses in stock and growing we have something for everyone!  Our company has shown incredible interest and growth in the past eight months since we began.  We’ve seen remarkable interest in renting and buying dresses from our customers.  We invite you to come and visit us and check out our inventory here!  We’ve made the process of finding a dress fast, easy, and super convenient for our customers.  Don’t have what you are looking for?  No problem!  Let us know and we will find it for you!   Continue Reading →